UK's National Strategy for AM (afternoon session) Susan Reiblein - Susan Reiblein Consulting

UK's National Strategy for AM (afternoon session) Susan Reiblein - Susan Reiblein Consulting


Susan has over 35 years working in the IT sector. She has worked for Blue chip manufacturers, Big 4 consultancies, and an IT services company. Her main focus has been the use of IT for innovation in the manufacturing and media sectors.

Susan started her IT career in aero engineering and manufacturing which provided a strong understanding of the operational needs of the industry. As a consultant, she has worked in a variety of subsectors such as paint, concrete products, food manufacturing and high value engineering implementing IT solutions to the manufacturing environment.

Operating as the global lead consultant for the media sector she acted as the Head of Software for the first commercial pilot for interactive TV (analogue) and its transition to digital technology. Susan lived through the digital revolution in the media industry and gained a deep understanding of the unexpected impacts digital technology can have on business. Susan led a collaboration of IT service providers, solicitors and digital content specialists to define and implement IP management and payment solutions for digital content.

Returning to the manufacturing sector Susan is bringing her understanding of the changes digital can bring to organisations seeking to change their operations or business models.

Susan is now working on innovative projects combining old and new technologies to solve manufacturing and logistics problems. Susan is the IP, protection and Security theme lead for Additive Manufacturing Strategy group and is a member of the D4L community.