Sarat Babu - Betatype

Sarat Babu - Betatype



Delivering Complexity in Laser Powder Bed Fusion


Finding applications that maximise the value of Additive Manufacturing (AM) is the major challenge faced by end users of the technology. Betatype’s vision focuses on using the geometric freedom available in AM at a meso-scale to produce application specific architectured materials which reframe both the fidelity performances that can be engineered but also the way parts need to be designed from concept to manufacturing. Through a range of case-studies, Betatype highlights the challenges throughout the process of working with high complexity in Laser Powder Bed Fusion and the software and process technologies they have developed to solve them.


Sarat Babu is founder of Betatype a company the specailises in enabling additive manufacturing for end users through expertise, architectured materials & SLM process technologies. Sarat has a background in Materials Engineering, Industrial Design and Adaptive Computation. He has extensive academic and commercial expertise in Additive Manufacturing and product development spanning over 8 years.