Industrial Realities of AM (morning session) John Williams - Materialise

Industrial Realities of AM (morning session) John Williams - Materialise


‘Additive Thinking’: Successful Adoption of Additive Manufacturing


Additive Manufacturing, commonly known as 3D Printing, brings with it a raft of questions surrounding practical implementation in a business. How do we find applications? When is the right situation to use the technology? How do we design parts? How do we ensure quality, traceability, repeatability? Materialise have worked with a range of businesses across industry to help them adopt AM, to find and identify the parts, and manufacture them in a repeatable and consistent way.

This session will share case studies on a number of businesses and how they are successfully using AM.


UK Manufacturing sector lead for Materialise, offering Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) and software solutions, specialising in:

  • End-use applications - end-use parts, production & manufacturing aids that can help customers to reduce cost, lead-times and improve performance and efficiency
  • Rapid Prototyping - visual & concept models, wind tunnel testing, design review models
  • Development prototyping - fit & form, functional testing, bridging parts

An experienced manager who has worked in multi-national companies developing global strategies and with international sales teams to deliver strong sales growth. Has worked with a wide portfolio of clients, supplying parts and materials such as stainless steel, polymers and 3D printed parts to clients in many industry segments around the globe. Has a strong track record of business with companies of every size, from small producers to global organisations. Has first class analytic, design and problem solving skills, with experience of key account management and client-based project work.