Dimitris Katsanis - METRON Advanced Equipment Ltd

Dimitris Katsanis - METRON Advanced Equipment Ltd



Additively Manufactured Ti parts for high performance bicycles by EBM


Metron A.E. Ltd. designed and developed the titanium, Additively Manufactured parts that were used in Tour de France, World Record and top end bicycles.  These were used by Chris Froome on the winning Pinarello bike of the 2016 Tour De France as well as other world class efforts.   
These parts are ranging from made-to-measure stems and handlebars, to low production numbers (100s) of small parts.  Perhaps the most notable being the handlebar for Bradley Wiggins’s Hour Record as well as Chris Froome and the TDF.    
To develop the components, advanced design methods were used.  These methods range from scanning the rider in the optimised position to create a digital image of the relevant geometry, using 3D CAD to create the shapes to fit the rider or the specific geometric constrains of the design.  For structural optimisation and material distribution FEA was used, taking into account static as well as fatigue loads.  Aerodynamic drag was significantly reduced using advanced CFD methods.   
To achieve optimum packing of the components in the build chamber, step by step trials were performed to understand the limitations as well as the opportunities that the process is opening.  The pros and cons will be discussed as well as the issues that occurred and how they were resolved.


Dimitris Katsanis is the founder and CEO of Metron Advanced Equipment.  Metron AE is leading the world of top level cycling for many years, with the creation of iconic designs such as the bikes of British Cycling (over 60 Olympic and World gold medals) as well as the top of the range Pinarello bikes such as the Dogma and the Bolide since 2012.   Dimitris decided in the early 90s to study composites engineering because this was the technology of the future at that time.  Since about 2004, Dimitris and his team were using Rapid Prototyping, primarily for wind tunnel prototypes.  So, once, Dimitris again looked into the future of engineering and decided that Additive Manufacturing is the new emerging technology.   Additive Manufactured parts designed by Dimitris, were featured, and won, in two Olympic Games as well as 3 Tour de France events.