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Nottingham UK | July 2017

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A message from Richard Hague, the Conference Chair

I have long despaired at the caricature of 3D printing in the media, although must concede that the ever growing public and media interest has helped fuel industrial curiosity and taken us to where we are today, at the very cusp of widespread technology adoption and implementation of additive manufacturing technologies.

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This conference was the perfect mixture of presentations and networking, also acting as a sensitizer through its Master Class and tours. The presentations where well balanced with a broad enough scope to allow entry for less specialist participants but with enough depth to draw out the real issues, challenges and opportunities in additive manufacturing

Douglas Robinson | University Paris-Est

AM world-class experts in one place!


The conference provided many opportunities for networking and for meeting key people in the Industry. I have made some very valuable contacts and they will definitely help shape my path forward

Michaella Janse van Vuuren | NOMILI

This conference on additive manufacturing has the best mix of supply chain and business experts and the most engaged attendees of any I have been to


Excellent conference. The organizers did a fine job of mixing and matching from across the Additive Manufacturing field. Many of the topics are the current ones in the news -- very salient

Steve Simske | Hewlett-Packard Labs

A very diverse and interesting roster of presenters covering a myriad of perspectives resulted in a very valuable conference

Mark Tilley | Architected Materials

I came away from the conference feeling even more inspired by the sector and the near future possibilities with a real desire to learn more and play more in this space

Chris Thorpe | Jaggeree

Excellent event for marketing our products and finding out about future developments within the AM and 3D Printing Community

Mike Cottee | Aerotech

Past delegates

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